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David Ajiboye ministries international

David Ajiboye Ministries International.

This is the arm of the ministry that caters for all our a outreaches in conferences training and crusade both home and abroad.

It coordinates the global leadership movement, The mentoring with Rev David Ajiboye, The Sharon publishing, Sharon house enterprise, and Every soul for Christ crusade in town and villages.

The global leadership conferences hold in campuses of institution of higher learning and in major cities of the nations globally. It is intended to train and equip leaders and intending leaders for godly leadership in the corrupt and wicked world.

Empowering them on how to stand for God and his unfailing truth without compromise. Committees are set up in each nation or institution to handle what we called the global leadership movement in organizing our conferences. Headed by a chairman and assisted by the Secretary.

Mentorship with Rev David Ajiboye:

A forum for ministers who believe and received instruction from God to follow the man of God was set up in 2014 after God spoke to him saying..’ I will be sending my servants to you, mentor them for me, show them the ways I have shown you and those I will show you, and I will reward you greatly”. A weekly empowerment meeting commenced immediately every Friday from 10am to 12noon.

This has led into so many victories and blessings for ministries and Pastors. The mentorship arm of the ministry also organises school of ministry for ministers twice a year,  where all ministers and their wives come for a week long intensive training from the servant of God.It holds in January and June every year since 2018.

Ministers come from within Lagos and other states and even from other African countries.

Every Soul for Christ Outreach (Crusade)

Coordinates the monthly rural and township crusade all over the 36 states of the nation. Where we have by the special grace of God brought the gospel of salvation to multitudes and have seen them saved in thousand.

Our crusade have recorded testimonies of divers kind, ranging from dead raised back to life, the lame, crippled stood up to walk after many years, the sick instantly healed, lives are transformed all by the power of the living Jesus who sent us.

This arm of the ministry is coordinated by team of ministers from lrmi and outside. (Independent ministry).

We also welcome crusade invitations from any part of the world.It is worthy of note here that the arm of the ministry does not collect offerings in our crusade, and does not laden any person (especially pastors) the burden of sponsor, God has been very faithful to the call to evangelise and also touch the heart of few individual friends partnering with us in this big task.